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Endian Firewall - Change Log

Endian Firewall - 2.2-beta4 (Released 2008-01-07) View Issues ]
- 0000096: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] Still the Endian doesn't work with SCSI RAID drives and SATAII (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000243: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] firewall prevents osx clients from logging in.(kerbos or general LDAP) (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000407: [Installation] After install cannot connect to EFW (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000088: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] Spoof MAC address bug (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000480: [GUI] interface selectors should also display ethX device names (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000458: [GUI] ProxyGraph ORANGE Anzeige, obwohl kein ORANGE definiert ist (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000344: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] Feature Request: Incorporate new OpenVPN build (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000262: [Documentation] 421 Proxy tried to loop error when ftp proxy is enabled (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000586: [GUI] netwizard should disable uplinks if interfaces assigned twice (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000548: [Application Level Proxies] Dansguardian Content filter can't start !!! (raphael-endian) - closed.
- 0000568: [GUI] if an openvpnclient name contains spaces it will not start the connection (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000595: [Firewall (iptables)] NEW not SYN not always optimal (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000592: [Firewall (iptables)] portforwarding: each rule with ANY Uplink as source changes to ANY after any rule will be deleted. (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000581: [Other Services] new version amavisd-new(2.5.3) available (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000545: [GUI] locale files packaged wrong: No translations will work (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000591: [Firewall (iptables)] portfw needs to run on openvpn client start (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000565: [GUI] retrieving windows proxy groups broken (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000597: [GUI] portfw cgi: changing incoming ip don't changes access configuration (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000599: [GUI] speed up firewall editors by providing *apply* button, instead of apply on each change (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000602: [Firewall (iptables)] eliminate POSTPORTFW rules (peter-endian) - closed.
 - 0000594: [Firewall (iptables)] port forwarding should have an option to automatically SNAT (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000603: [Firewall (iptables)] portfw: remove REVERSENAT rules (peter-endian) - closed.
 - 0000600: [Firewall (iptables)] create SNAT fw (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000601: [GUI] SNATfw gui (peter-endian) - closed.
 - 0000600: [Firewall (iptables)] create SNAT fw (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000651: [GUI] xtaccess.cgi: settings file will not be created on save (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000604: [GUI] portfw cgi: overriding does not open access to all (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000620: [Firewall (iptables)] outgoingfw: Uplink selections will not be preselected when editing (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000605: [GUI] portfw: xtaccess rules should allow from everywhere not only from port forwarding interface (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000453: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] Can't access server behind vpn from public ip of the vpn gateway after port forward (peter-endian) - closed.
 - 0000594: [Firewall (iptables)] port forwarding should have an option to automatically SNAT (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000530: [Firewall (iptables)] portforwarding: make DNAT's optionally automatically also do SNAT rules for the responses (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000636: [Firewall (iptables)] refuse to create snat iptables rules of uplinks with type=gateway (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000550: [Other Services] Clamav and Snort don't update (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000405: [Application Level Proxies] Add the possibility to specify port different from 25 into smtpfilter web pages, smarthost field (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000598: [GUI] zonefw, system access: up/down arrow at bottom/top is to much (lukas-endian) - closed.
- 0000633: [GUI] portfw.cgi: snat checkbox sometimes appear, sometimes not (lukas-endian) - closed.
- 0000680: [Other Services] cheetah templates: every template should have an include (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000630: [Firewall (iptables)] zonefw: traffic from one interface to another of the same bridg can't be blocked (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000218: [GUI] Openvpn user add dialogue does not return error on wrong netmask (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000611: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] smaller vpn networks need to automatically be pushed to clients (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000654: [GUI] The GUI interface is not displaying snort related alerts (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000495: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] changes on vpn users should not require a openvpn server restart (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000665: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] openvpn: pushing only 1 dns don't override the secondary dns (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000664: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] openvpn: pushing dns and domain should be configurable per account (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000589: [GUI] openvpn account: add possibility to statically assign ip addresses to accounts (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000612: [GUI] openvpn gui: dhcp pool need to be within the half of green network (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000582: [Application Level Proxies] http proxy has no default values (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000575: [Application Level Proxies] SMTP Proxy doesnt accept unauthorized relaying on green/orange if not in transparent mode (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000641: [Other Services] smtp proxy: rise max_servers in respect to the memory a machine has (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000640: [Other Scripts] restartsmtpd: switch to restartscript framework with cheetah templates (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000044: [GUI] SMTP Proxy 'client blacklist' (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000573: [GUI] "Content filter + antivirus scan" will not be displayed on fresh install (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000580: [Other Services] DHCP Current fixed leases Bug !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lukas-endian) - closed.
- 0000631: [GUI] portfw.cgi: it's not possible to edit rules with the new editor (lukas-endian) - closed.
- 0000646: [Firewall (iptables)] orange to gree (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000652: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] OpenVPN can't forward packets to be bridged from GREEN to tap1 interface via br0 (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000617: [Application Level Proxies] default policy: content&AV block Http proxy with no auth to accessing any site (raphael-endian) - closed.
- 0000579: [Other Services] Services-?DHCP server-?Current fixed leases Bug (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000670: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] openvpn: don't allow the creation of a vpn connection to localhost (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000290: [Application Level Proxies] ftp proxy not working . (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000677: [GUI] openvpn: global options can't be saved (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000546: [Application Level Proxies] backup does not contain HTTPS port info in default policy. (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000543: [Firewall (iptables)] Port Forwarding not working (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000700: [Application Level Proxies] HTTP: authentication Type Local - No Users can be created (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000679: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] uplinksdaemon: DEAD file sometimes will not be removed (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000701: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] ipsec restartscript traceback (peter-endian) - closed.
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