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Endian Firewall - 2.1 (Released 2006-11-02) View Issues ]
- 0000043: [Uncategorized] cron has gaps (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000012: [Security] SMP support (raphael-endian) - closed.
- 0000021: [GUI] Proxy-SMTP-Recipient BCC works only with english language (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000026: [GUI] bcc recipients allows to insert empty lines (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000036: [GUI] Change NTP from NTPDate to NTPD (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000042: [Uncategorized] postfix misconfigured if is enabled (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000040: [Security] HAVP 0.81 Problem (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000047: [Uncategorized] upstream proxy with authentication doesn't work (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000054: [GUI] Translation fault (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000058: [Application Level Proxies] Access denied to HTTP Server on ORANGE (ra-endian) - closed.
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