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Endian Firewall - 2.2-rc2 (Released 2008-01-07) View Issues ]
- 0000796: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] openvpnclient: kills itself after during reconnection (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000921: [Application Level Proxies] Active Directory And Squid Problem (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000797: [GUI] openvpn_server.cgi: cannot kill connection (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000808: [Firewall (iptables)] SNAT rule cant specify Service (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000906: [Backup/Restore] backup: download icon missing (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000905: [Backup/Restore] gpg key import does not work anymore (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000823: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] VPN - Advanced - Global push options - save button not working (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000837: [GUI] Services -> Time Server (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000958: [Proxy SMTP] clamav: fills harddisk with temporary files (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000795: [GUI] uplinkseditor: "if this uplink fails activate" checkbox does not store its value (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000964: [Other Services] cron does not start any job after huge time changes (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000613: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] ipsec.cgi: no special characters allowed in PSK key string (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000962: [GUI] netstatus.cgi: use ip addr show instead of ifconfig (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000760: [GUI] interface-editor: new added uplinks is missing in the backup uplinks list (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000961: [Other Scripts] havp: should remove it's legacy files (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000801: [Other Services] pop3 proxy filtert eicartestfile nicht heraus (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000959: [Proxy SMTP] amavis: temporary amavis files should be removed after a day (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000869: [Migration] efw-smtpd: blocks within post* script during upgrade (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000908: [GUI] openvpnclient.cgi: remote host does not allow to specify an alternative port (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000910: [GUI] openvpn_users.cgi: should check if a static ip address is already assigned to another user (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000896: [GUI] openvpn_user.cgi: should not allow static ips inside openvpn DHCP pool (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000895: [GUI] openvpn_users.cgi: set blue, set orange are disappeared (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000882: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] RAID: reinstallation causes raid to block installation until sync is finished (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000931: [Backup/Restore] backup: import does not work because of missing meta file (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000809: [GUI] No proxy configuration possible (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000930: [Backup/Restore] backup: cgi removes only the meta file (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000902: [Proxy HTTP] Cannot access HTTP Proxy logs (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000862: [GUI] xtaccess.cgi: add rule form displays "update rule" instead of "create rule" when creating a new rule (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000799: [GUI] Gui firewall mesaj Firewall rules have been changed and need to be applied in order to make the changes active (peter-endian) - closed.
 - 0000929: [Other Scripts] csvfile class need to ignore carriage returns (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000878: [Security] Changing ClamAV update sequence not possible (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000836: [GUI] Services -> Traffic Shaping / misleading label (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000852: [GUI] outgoingfw.cgi: editing a rule display "Create rule" button (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000860: [Application Level Proxies] Snort rules update mit OINK code (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000984: [Proxy HTTP] allowed ports and allowed ssl ports configuration vanish (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000972: [GUI] squid proxy conf: visible hostname check too strong (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000986: [Proxy HTTP] windows authentification causes proxy to crash (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000987: [Proxy HTTP] label in interzone traffic settings displays html code (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001013: [Proxy HTTP] default profile holds MAX_OUTGOING_SIZE= (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001003: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] openswan 2.4.11 produces kernel panics sometimes (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0001035: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] uplink copy button does not work (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001044: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] it is not possible to create more than 2 uplinks (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001037: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] change of main uplink name is saved but not shown in uplinkeditor (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001039: [Firewall (iptables)] iptables has a race condition when it will be started in parallel (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0001034: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] if uplink is removed, uplinkeditor.cgi crashes in certain situation (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001036: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] after some clicks on editbutton of diffrent uplinks backupuplinklist is not correct anymore (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001122: [Proxy SMTP] add permit_mx_backup before reject_unverified_recipients (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0001136: [Other Scripts] framework for customized error message pages (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0001129: [Proxy HTTP] havp: blocks completely after a while of usage (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0001141: [Proxy HTTP] bypass transparent proxy is not case insensitive for mac addresses (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0001134: [Proxy HTTP] creating zone subnet acl if <zone>_IPS ends with , fails (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001140: [Other Services] Snort rule fetching generates a high bandwidth load on emerging threats server (lukas-endian) - closed.
- 0001137: [Other Scripts] p3scan error message template need to get rid of languages (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0001110: [GUI] netwizard: thinks domains starting with numbers are invalid (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000566: [Firewall (iptables)] Local Network Ping Limit Unacceptable (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000529: [GUI] interface-editor: hide current uplink on "if this uplink fails activate" selectbox (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000770: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] uplinkeditor.cgi loops for ever, so selecting "Interfaces" on the Network tab stalls. (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000767: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] df : '/tmp/tmpCCmuiZA510': No such file or direcory (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000765: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] Error unmounting old /dev: 2 after restart (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000822: [Other Services] NTPD: unable to disable (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000830: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] Kill/Ban VPN connection doesn't work (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000825: [Application Level Proxies] pop3 proxy filtert eicartestfile nicht heraus (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000787: [High Availability] If slave cannot be joined, the GUI doesn't popup an error (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001099: [Proxy HTTP] proxy unusable after upgrade (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000990: [Proxy HTTP] squid reads from subnet_*.acl but cgi writes to src_subnet_*.acl (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000985: [Proxy HTTP] proxy configuration vanishes completely (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000991: [Proxy HTTP] acls have same entries twice (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000977: [Proxy HTTP] http proxy log settings seem to have no influence (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001139: [Other Services] Snort can be started, even if no zones are selected (lukas-endian) - closed.
- 0001114: [GUI] Autosync is switched off, if ntp settings are changed. (lukas-endian) - closed.
- 0000942: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] implement umts/cdma support in interface editor (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000889: [Proxy HTTP] Users cannot change HTTP proxy password by himself (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0001021: [GUI] custom upload of snort rules does not work (lukas-endian) - closed.
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