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Endian Firewall - Change Log

Endian Firewall - 2.1.2 (Released 2006-12-22) View Issues ]
- 0000073: [Security] Feature Request: Firewall log should indicate outgoing rule number for drops from internal subnet (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000070: [Security] Disabling of firewall rule results in "invalid destination port" error. (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000119: [Other Services] IPtables is detecting portscan on loopback interface (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000205: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] Community ISO - Installer reports "Segmentation fault" (raphael-endian) - closed.
- 0000132: [Application Level Proxies] Riferimento all'interfaccia ORANGE non definita (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000135: [Other Services] SMTP Helo Name doesn't work. (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000130: [GUI] Il DHCP non tiene il settaggio del DNS (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000144: [Application Level Proxies] Web Proxy Won't Start (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000069: [Application Level Proxies] Non-transparent proxy not allowing access to Traffic Monitoring reports on port 3001 (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000143: [GUI] display problem with special characters within proxy usernames (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000161: [Application Level Proxies] Possible error in (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000167: [Application Level Proxies] Errore in /etc/squid/squidconf (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000170: [Application Level Proxies] Web Proxy not starting (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000092: [Uncategorized] Unable to completely view proxy and content filter logs. (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000176: [Application Level Proxies] Web Proxy not starting (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000115: [GUI] SMPT Mail Statistics did not show up right away - closed.
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