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Endian Firewall - 2.2-beta3 (Released 2008-01-07) View Issues ]
- 0000367: [Other Scripts] Ntop crashes after a time "Segmentation fault" (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000452: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] Multiple Uplinks, Ports Not Being Forwarded from Uplink1 (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000421: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] openvpn's updatednsmasq creates UNDEF hostnames (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000420: [Other Services] DynDNS-Update works only manually (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000419: [GUI] dhcp server config page allways add blank line after any config line on custom config (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000413: [Application Level Proxies] HTTP antivirus config page add blank line to exclude URL list (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000406: [Other Services] snort and pop3-spam filter not working (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000101: [Uncategorized] ntop "free of null pointer" (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000171: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] add in sensors support (raphael-endian) - closed.
- 0000428: [Other Scripts] fix sa-update (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000429: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] Some kernel modules do not exist anymore (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000112: [Application Level Proxies] SPAM rules update with sa-update (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000347: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] uplinks need to create CONNMARK entries (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000425: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] ifplugd is not working anymore (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000432: [Other Scripts] multiple uplinks: 2nd DNS not working always (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000408: [Firewall (iptables)] Can't forwarding same port on two uplink ! (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000426: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] No beeps, PC Speaker not working (raphael-endian) - closed.
- 0000351: [Firewall (iptables)] iptables: physdev rules should not be used anymore otherwise than for bridge traffic (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000450: [GUI] HTTP Proxy: shows debug output on save & reload (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000147: [Other Services] DHCP scope resets itself after changes are made - (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000280: [Application Level Proxies] SMTP Proxy needs to also allow relaying from networks behind vpn endpoints (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000333: [GUI] IP Range for OpenVPN cannot go from below 100 to above 100 (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000445: [Application Level Proxies] Active Directory Authentication Crash (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000389: [GUI] HTTP Antivirus should be enabled by default (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000370: [Other Services] [HTTP Proxy] When using LDAP auth and save configuration, file squid.conf is zero size. (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000486: [Other Services] IDS Snort: snorts PID File should be readable by user nobody (ra-endian) - closed.
 - 0000312: [GUI] status page does not display red snort instances (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000318: [Backup/Restore] backup cgi will not display content flags anymore (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000321: [Other Scripts] DHCP restartscript fails stopping dhcp if it is unconfigured (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000446: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] Two uplinks exist; Primary uplink doesn't exist in Network->Interfaces; Secondary uplink listed twice (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000416: [Uncategorized] Rebuild rpms optimized for i586 (raphael-endian) - closed.
- 0000423: [GUI] portforwarding: "Incoming IP" should default to ANY uplink not to ANY (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000507: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] openvpn client stops logging when started by web interface (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000440: [Firewall (iptables)] iptables: physdev-out rules need to be implemented with ebtables (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000454: [Application Level Proxies] HTTP-Proxy Language of error messages lässt sich nicht ändern (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000441: [GUI] add traceroute (UDP) as service within firewall services list (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000493: [Firewall (iptables)] vpn firewall should allow rules with vpn endpoint (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000442: [GUI] log summary should not be the first page for the log section. (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000513: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] uplinksdaemon traceback (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000510: [Migration] *_IPS will not be created within ethernet settings if zone is disabled (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000455: [Installation] IPSEC: Backup der Konfiguration von 2.1 auf 2.2 fehlerhaft (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000456: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] IPSEC: 2 Verzeichnisse fehlern (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000468: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] efw 2.2 beta2 can not probe D-Link DFE580-TX (sundance) (raphael-endian) - closed.
- 0000515: [Application Level Proxies] SMTP Proxy: disabling transparent on X not work if the enabled checkbox is unchecked. (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000472: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] ipsec does not allow to connect from vpn-endpoint to other side. (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000337: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] Cannot access config pages from otherside of ipsec tunnel (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000438: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] IPsec VPNs closed after reboot (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000511: [Migration] uplinks will not be migrated correctly (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000322: [Installation] smart throws error on serial console and with xen (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000518: [GUI] dnsmasq: add possibility to configure custom nameservers for special domains (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000481: [GUI] wrong labels (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000398: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] DHCP server doesn't respond/releases no ips (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000424: [GUI] Network wizard RED types should be sorted like in interface editor (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000288: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] uplinks do not fail over .. (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000514: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] POP Proxy: some client requires the pop TOP command (peter-endian) - closed.
 - 0000224: [Application Level Proxies] Email proxy not passing through (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000525: [GUI] interface-editor: ADSL: switch VPI/VPC fields (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000491: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] triggers do not fire when an uplink wents DEAD and the backup is already up (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000526: [GUI] interface-editor: ADSL modem: Encapsulation field missing (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000527: [GUI] interface-editor: Backup uplink profile selector displays wrong uplink (simon-endian) - closed.
- 0000417: [GUI] OpenVPN - Global push options - save button without function (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000225: [Other Services] Log and stats (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000372: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] Routing does not failover if the primary link is pppoe (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000091: [Uncategorized] All Graphs Read "No Information Available" (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000528: [Network related (VPN, uplinks)] pppcall fifo syncorinsation blocking issue (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000532: [Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)] Additional network card drivers for kernel 2.6.22 and gcc 4.1.2 (raphael-endian) - closed.
- 0000439: [Firewall (iptables)] portforwarded packets coming from a secondary uplink return through the default gateway (peter-endian) - closed.
- 0000409: [Application Level Proxies] HTTP Proxy graph displays all miss (ra-endian) - closed.
- 0000460: [GUI] rework main.cgi displaying uplinkdaemon's json information in realtime (lukas-endian) - closed.
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