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0000001: Creating a backup results into a blank "Backup Sets" list - MantisBT
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0000001Endian FirewallUncategorizedpublic2006-07-08 10:512006-10-13 16:16
0000001: Creating a backup results into a blank "Backup Sets" list
When you click on "create" on the backup.cgi you get a page with just a blank list of "Backup Sets"
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has duplicate 0004027closed peter-endian Endian 2.4.x Content Filtering running only category sex 
has duplicate 0004568closed Anonymous smart install kernel-PAE 
has duplicate 0004554closed Anonymous BCM 5788 
has duplicate 0004167closed Anonymous (110 connection Timed out) A particular site is refused by firewall & also can't able to ping the ip in the firewall machine. 
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