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0001020: generic spinner for gui - MantisBT
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0001020Endian FirewallGUIpublic2008-06-26 08:442008-10-08 13:30
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0001020: generic spinner for gui
since our restart scripts run in background we need a spinner which informs the user that the script is still running.

as of now the GUI says "service yet another service restarted successfully" immediately after the save button has been pushed. This is not true, since the script is actually running in background and the user should wait until it is done. Then a notification message should be shown.

- create a generic spinner "widget" for the GUI which runs if a service specific status file exists (/var/lock/services/openvpn)
- create a python class ServiceStatus which can be used by every restartscript which can:
  o create the status file at the very beginning of the restartscript
  o remove the status file at the end of the restartscript
  o the status file contains a JSON string
  o writes status messages into the file (.notify()). notify() can be triggered while the script is running, so the GUI displays what is going on.
  X .notify() could be combined with (.debug()?? when enabled) in a later task
  o the status file could contain a history of the last notifications
- spinner "widget" should display a notification regarding the content of the status file, if it exists.
- status history could be optionally displayed by the spinner widget
- If the status file does not exist anymore, the last message should be displayed on the GUI and removed with the next http request.
- error messages should be displayed with a respective spinner icon.

pay attention about permissions
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