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0001034: if uplink is removed, uplinkeditor.cgi crashes in certain situation - MantisBT
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0001034Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2008-06-30 09:362008-07-27 20:18
0001034: if uplink is removed, uplinkeditor.cgi crashes in certain situation
create uplink X
define X as backup uplink for main
delete uplink X

-> uplinkeditor.cgi crashes

delete should be forbidden,
and, if one deletes uplink manually,
uplinkeditor.cgi should still not crash but
fall back to something so the gui is still
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2008-06-30 14:46simon-endianNote Added: 0001389
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2008-06-30 14:46   
get_uplink_info($) now returns empty hash if settingsfile of uplinks does not exist
get_uplink_info($) now sets BACKUPPROFILE to "" if settingsfile does not exist