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0001039: iptables has a race condition when it will be started in parallel - MantisBT
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0001039Endian FirewallFirewall (iptables)public2008-06-30 10:172008-07-27 20:18
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0001039: iptables has a race condition when it will be started in parallel
iptables need to be locked in order to have it running only once at the same time.
Otherwise iptables returns with "Ressource temporary unavailable" when two processes try to commit the configuration to the kernel at the same time.

This causes the firewall scripts to not create all necessary rules and leave away some randomly.
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related to 0000923closed peter-endian setxtaccess: sometimes it does not create rules because of the iptablesxtaccess cache file. 
related to 0000948closed peter-endian DNS not working 
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