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0001136: framework for customized error message pages - MantisBT
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0001136Endian FirewallOther Scriptspublic2008-07-17 13:462008-07-27 20:18
0001136: framework for customized error message pages
we need a python script which statically creates all the error message html pages using cheetah.

Error messages in squid, dansguardian, havp, amavisd and p3scan should be made overrideable and brandable.

script does the following:
- should be called as [servicename]

- reads config from /etc/templates/<servicename>.conf

- loops through each /usr/share/templates/<servicename>/*/*.orig.tmpl and
  creates corresponding messages files in <destdir>, with the corresponding
  directory structure, cutting away .orig.tmpl

- searches for each original template a corresponding template of the same
  name, which may override the orig template.. searches in:
  o /var/efw/<efw_servicename>/templates/**.custom.tmpl
  o /usr/share/templates/<servicename>/*/*.vendor.tmpl

- applies header.tmpl and footer.tmpl if thex exist in one of the 3 locations.

- script will be run:#
  o at boot time
  o as %post hook of respective service installations
  o after editing/uploading custom templates

- templates of squid, havp, dansguardian, amavisd, p3scan should not be packaged
  in their original place anymore, but packaged in /usr/share/templates/ as
  cheetah orig template
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related to 0001137closed peter-endian p3scan error message template need to get rid of languages 
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2008-07-17 19:37   
respective changes in the services packages need still to be done