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0001169: Web proxy antivirus not work on SSL https protocol - MantisBT
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0001169Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2008-07-28 09:072011-05-26 12:27
0001169: Web proxy antivirus not work on SSL https protocol
Web proxy antivirus not work on SSL https protocol
Web proxy antivirus not work on SSL https protocol [^]
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2008-09-09 13:47   
The matter of an encrypted channel (SSL) is that *nobody* can read or scan its contents. This includes also a web proxy.

We don't intercept ssl connections yet. Maybe this will come in the future
2011-04-29 16:44   
I would love to see this implemented. It is a reality that it would be simple to bypass all firewall virus scanning and filtering simply by linking to a site that starts with https... Sonic wall implements this by intercepting and then issuing a replacement certificate, which could be installed to clients via network policy.

See sonic wall kb article for details: [^]
2011-05-26 12:27   
This may be a good solution for a future version of endian: [^]