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0001173: DNS lookups are not showing SRV records for underscore entries - MantisBT
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0001173Endian FirewallApplication Level Proxiespublic2008-07-28 18:462009-10-27 12:02
0001173: DNS lookups are not showing SRV records for underscore entries
If you do a nslookup from a client for say '" it returns nothing found, but if you use a specific DNS server such as it resolves it correctly. This causes havoc for MS Communicator and possibly other AD items that lookup underscore DNS entries.

DNSMasq was 2.38 and latest is 2.43 I believe.
nslookup -type=all

*** No all records (ANY) records available for


nslookup -type=all

Non-authoritative answer: SRV service location:
          priority = 0
          weight = 0
          port = 443
          svr hostname =
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2008-08-09 06:08   
Found the problem. in you have option filterwin2k enabled. It needs to be commented out for SRV records to resolve correctly. This affects not just Microsoft Communicator in my original ticket portion but also many SIP products use SRV records.

# Uncomment this to filter useless windows-originated DNS requests
# which can trigger dial-on-demand links needlessly.
# Note that (amongst other things) this blocks all SRV requests,
# so don't use it if you use eg Kerberos.
# This option only affects forwarding, SRV records originating for
# dnsmasq (via srv-host= lines) are not suppressed by it.
2008-08-09 06:23   
forgot path.

/etc/dnsmasq.conf.tmpl I believe.
2008-10-21 14:57   
i changed this to be default in 2.3