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0001266: Add OpenDNS support - MantisBT
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0001266Endian FirewallGUIpublic2008-08-09 06:172013-02-09 22:53
0001266: Add OpenDNS support
OpenDNS is a great service that should be included in EFW. Some ideas I have are in System | Network Configuration | DNS page. In addition to auto or manual, add checkbox to use OpenDNS servers. Maybe include ability of sort order. i.e. use OpenDNS first, then the DNS servers provided by DHCP on red or vise versa.

The other place would be under Services | Dynamic DNS. If a DDNS is setup, have a checkbox to also update the OpenDNS service for the additional stuff such as stats. [^]
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2008-08-12 02:41   
OpenDNS is supported as with any DNS service you want to use. To set the DNS you need to go to the System tab in the GUI and click Network Configuration. When you get to step 4 you need to change the DNS radio button to "manual" and then when you click next to Step 5 it will ask you what the IP addresses are for the Pri/Sec name servers, this is where you put in the OpenDNS addresses.

Hope this helps.
2008-08-13 00:45   
correct and that is what I've done. I'm asking that the OpenDNS servers be a checkbox option. Also requesting that EFW register the IP as it does with a DDNS service.
2013-02-09 22:44   
It would also be nice to add the login account information to take advantage of the additional features the service offers.

This issue is over four years old. Did it get resolved in another ticket or is it on the roadmap? Please advise.