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0001318: Proxygroups can not be add,configure or activated - MantisBT
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0001318Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2008-09-09 18:092009-10-27 12:01
0001318: Proxygroups can not be add,configure or activated
I set up many efw rc2 and every time the same Problem, when i activate the Proxy and will use the proxy Groups, disabled, standard oder extended
i can not edit, add, remove or activate correctly nothing of the presetted Groups

so i try to find out whats going wrong because i ned this function :)

and i found a Problem in /var/efw/proxy in de conf files and under /var/efw/proxy/auth/ncsa the groups1..2..3

in the config files the parameters are all written in capital letters, if i rewrite all the files in lowercase letters it works an in de GUI i can see the Groups and with from the groups is activated ...

hope you can fix it :)
if any questions send my a mail blobbi [ at ]
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2008-09-10 07:10   
the problem is in the GUI which read and write the config files wrong.
i edit the accordingly cgi files and it works now
2008-10-08 19:16   
i got now the same problem on rc3 !
2008-10-15 09:45   
this bug is fixed in 2.3 (trunk), it will be merged to 2.2 after some testing

blobbi could you please post your patches of the cgi that people who need this
feature can use it as quickfix?

Regards Simon
2008-10-16 06:56   
Hi Simon,
the fastest way ( new installation without Backup ) is bevore you edit,add or delete any ProxyGroup delete all Files and Folders in /var/efw/proxy/auth/nsca

then open proxyGrout Config in EFW GUI and add new Groups.

Where can i send you the cgi modification?
And how i can help with developing, and testing, or send modifications?

Regards Frank
2008-10-17 16:48   
ah ok, these is a migration problem.

This problem occurs because the SettingsFile class used by the restartscript to migrate after
appliing a backup or creating the default groups after a fresh install saves the keys in UPPERCASE
which the proxy gui does not regognize at the moment. I am working on it.

There are 2 workarounds:

- patch existing ncsa groups and settings by making the key of the settings file lowercase
- Another way would be to make the keys uppercase and apply blobbies patch (after he posted it :-)).

you need to do this for the following settingsfiles:

Blobbi you can attach the patch file to this bug tracker entry (Upload File).

The best way for now the help is by testing and uploading patches or
descriping workarounds for kown bugs.

Also read this [^] and the posts of
chris in the mailing list for more information.

Best Regards
2008-11-13 19:22   
(edited on: 2008-11-13 19:26)
there are more Problems in this cgi File,
so the easyest way ist that users where need this feature delete all files/folders in /var/efw/proxy/auth/nsca
and then create a new in the efw GUI.

simon what is easier, edit the cgi file or when you bild the next release delete all file into /var/efw/proxy/auth/nsca

is all of the config file entrys more UPPERCASE or LOWERCASE
so i know what i change in patches

2008-11-19 18:24   
this is now also fixed in 2.2 and will be soon available

files with lowercase keys are now migrated to uppercase and work too.

(keys should all be uppercase)