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0000134: If you open 10443 allowed in on red and you are using a static ip and router on red, then you cant get to efw web page. - MantisBT
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0000134Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2007-03-13 07:322007-12-31 19:15
0000134: If you open 10443 allowed in on red and you are using a static ip and router on red, then you cant get to efw web page.
Ok, I have reproduced and verified this error on many installs. If you open port 10443 inbound to allow management of EFW via red/internet and you have assigned an ip to red interface( eg )on the same subnet as your eg: ADSL router( You then setup a forwarding rule on your ADSL router eg forward all port 10443 to then the following happens, you get as far as endian asking for username and password, once you try and authenticate and click ok, nothing happens and eventually times out. If you are using firefox under linux you can see that the problem is that after authentication its trying to pass the address out to the browser. This problem does not occur when you have the adsl router in bridged modem mode and are making a direct PPPOE connection from EFW on red.
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related to 0000324closed peter-endian Redirect with network wizard fails on IE 
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2007-03-13 10:01   
the redirect on the efw is wrong if the firewall is behind a portfw. however, efw can't know the exact external ip, so this is not going to be fixed. we need to think about a solution.

if this happens, you can manually change the url in your browser after the redirect in order to point it to the real extern ip address rather than to the wrongly redirected internal red ip.
2007-03-13 14:12   
OK, here is a quick workaround, when putting in the url into the browser, manually specify " /cgi-bin/main.cgi " after the port number and it works immediately. e.g. instead of putting in "" [^] type in "" [^] this works without problem.
2007-05-22 21:51   
Hi, i have de same problem in my EFW 2.1. I have tried the "solution" by putting in the url manually, and work it!Thanks marktrent!
2007-12-10 17:06   
Redirect will now be calculated by the url which will be typed in within the browser.
So this issue should be fixed..

Next beta (2.2beta2) will contain the fix.