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0001347: ebtables zone firewall blocks traffic which should not be blocked - MantisBT
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0001347Endian FirewallFirewall (iptables)public2008-09-29 13:192009-10-27 12:02
urgentmajorhave not tried
0001347: ebtables zone firewall blocks traffic which should not be blocked
sometimes it happens that the following rule:

Bridge chain: POSTROUTING, entries: 1, policy: ACCEPT
--mark 0x40000/0x40000 -j PHYSDEV

matches, when it should not.

Then the traffic which matches here, will be blocked, because there are no allow rules in the PHYSDEV chain.

The 0x40000 rule should fire only if the physdev bit (11th bit in mark, which is 0x40000) is set. This bit normally will only be set when a zone firewall rule needs to be created which should use a physdev-out device, which can't be done using iptables, but needs to be checked later in the path with ebtables.

Our port forwarding rules need to remember on which interface the traffic comes in in order to put it out through the same device. For this, we have rules in MARKIIF chain in the mangle table, which marks every connection passed through an interface with a respective assigned number

    0 0 CONNMARK all -- eth1 * CONNMARK set 0x800/0x3f800
  503 107K CONNMARK all -- eth2 * CONNMARK set 0x1000/0x3f800

These numbers will be assigned using a ticketing system using the class TicketRegistry(), which writes down to /var/lib/ticketregistry/interfaces. This registry should assign to an interface a unique and persistent number, which is bound to the interface name.

Unfortunately this seems not to happen correctly, since there are big gaps between interface names:

 'values': {0: {'bond0': 25,
                'br0': 15,
                'br2': 16,
                'eth0': 1,
                'eth1': 2,
                'eth2': 3,
                'eth3': 4,
                'eth3.222': 31,
                'eth3.4000': 41,
                'eth3.55': 29,
                'eth3.66': 30,
                'ipsec0': 65,
                'ipsec1': 66,
                'ipsec2': 67,
                'ipsec3': 68,
                'tap0': 61,
                'tap1': 62,
                'tap2': 63,
                'tap3': 64,
                'tap4': 59,
                'tun0': 60}}}

Maybe after each start of an id will assigned to no item and thus the counter will be increased. Afterwards assignement to new interface names will get some bigger number and leave the gap. This is to be checked.

The gap becomes a problem, when a number will be assigned which is greater than its 7 bit bandwith which we have assigned for "interface mark".

When this happens, and a greater number will be assigned, the physdev bit is set, because of this overflow.
That causes the error.
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2008-09-29 18:01   
missing check in TicketRegistry._removeAssignement():
if id <['lastId']:['lastId'] = id

don't know if this is enough.
2008-10-08 13:37   
Quick fix:

rm /var/lib/ticketregistry/interfaces