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0001385: dnsmask blackholes don't work - MantisBT
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0001385Endian FirewallApplication Level Proxiespublic2008-10-16 10:532009-10-27 12:02
0001385: dnsmask blackholes don't work
1. in the default config, blackhole lists are supposed to
   be downloaded daily, but this does not happen since
   the /etc/cron.daily/blackholedns sym link is missing
   Only after making changes to antispyware.cgi the links
   are created.

   -> add the link to the RPM

2. The file blackholedns.conf is not actually read into
   dnsmasq, because dnsmasq.conf.tmpl uses a conf-file=
   and a conf-dir= directive and only the conf-dir= is

   -> Please move the blackholedns.conf file into dnsmasq.d
   and use only the conf-dir= directive.

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2008-10-21 10:49   
to step 2:
getblackholedns need to restart dnsmasq. a reload is not sufficient. That's the real problem.
The config files will be read in fine on restart