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0001407: Content Filter URL Blacklist does not enable / disable - MantisBT
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0001407Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2008-10-27 21:332009-10-27 11:59
0001407: Content Filter URL Blacklist does not enable / disable
When selecting a category from the Content filter page, URL Blacklist, If no Sub category is present, You cannot block content from that entire category. Ex Entertainment, Finance, Forums.
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2008-11-20 10:29   
I am not exectly getting what you mean with that.

Tell me if i got you wrong:

you see the category Entertainment. [yes/no]
this category has subcategories [yes/no]

an category is not a blacklist but contains blacklists (subcategories) related to the title.
if an category has no subcategories there is nothing it can block. so it can not be selected.

Regards Simon
2008-11-20 13:53   

Thanks for explaining that. It would make sense then to place text there along the lines of "No lists Available" or something indicating this category has no blacklists.
2009-06-22 07:50   
uncategorized is now hidden when it has no subcategory