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0001417: creating a non-ethernet uplink assigns an ethernet interface which then cannot be used by the netwizard anymore - MantisBT
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0001417Endian FirewallGUIpublic2008-10-31 12:182009-10-27 13:27
0001417: creating a non-ethernet uplink assigns an ethernet interface which then cannot be used by the netwizard anymore
I did the following:

- Configured DHCP as main uplink (eth3, eth0 is green, eth1/eth2 are free)
- Configured a second uplink using the interface editor, uplink type ANALOG/UMTS
- Started the netwizard in order to change the main uplink from DHCP to STATIC

In the 3rd step, the netwizard interface selector shows eth1 assigned to RED, but that's wrong, it should be unused.

Taking a look to uplink1/settings shows RED_DEV=eth1, which will be ignored by the uplinks scripts, but not by other scripts.

interface editor should write down only the necessary keys of that specific uplink type. Keys which will be used only by other uplink types should not be written down or at least emptied.

This generally may be a source of trouble in several parts of the firewall, which could easily be avoided
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2009-06-29 09:23   
for the moment non-ethernet uplink will have an empty RED_DEV value.
- this will solve it for newly created uplinks.
- will patch netwizard to check if it is a non-ethernet uplink when he reads the list of user ethernet devices
2009-08-12 14:23   
now get_red_devices has an failover if red_dev is set but uplink does not use an red_dev, red_dev is set to empty string.