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0001436: DHCP service - Fixed leases : missing hostname field - MantisBT
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0001436Endian FirewallDHCP Serverpublic2008-11-08 09:392011-04-04 10:37
0001436: DHCP service - Fixed leases : missing hostname field
in the DHCP service, list of fixed leases
the field hostname is missing (not sure whether it is by design or not)
it would be good to have a field "hostname or FQDN" to identify the host of the lease, so we can use the "remark" field for remarks in stead of the hostname
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related to 0001005new  Specify more than two DNS for DHCP clients 
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2010-01-16 10:21   
any news or feedback from the Endian team on this?
2011-04-04 10:37   
It also would be great, if we can somehow know if host from "Current fixed leases" is now active. (I know we can see it in "Network status" in "ARP table entries" but this table doesn't provide any description.