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0001438: uplinks daemon doesn't check if cable is plugged - MantisBT
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0001438Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2008-11-10 10:452008-11-10 10:56
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0001438: uplinks daemon doesn't check if cable is plugged
Linux nic drivers have different flags to report cable status.
This cause some tools work with some nic and some tools work with other, in this way develop a unified code to test the cable status it's onerous, then no tests are done.

This means users could see always "connected" on System status even if cable is unplugged!!!

use "ifplugstatus" tool which checks at a time all different driver flags.
This tool is already installed on efw because part of "ifplugd" daemon delegate to inform when cable are plugged or unplugged.
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