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0001463: pppcall does not recognize when pppd dialing in using rp-pppoe receives a timeout and exits - MantisBT
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0001463Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2008-11-14 17:152009-10-27 12:01
0001463: pppcall does not recognize when pppd dialing in using rp-pppoe receives a timeout and exits
now PPPoE is the next, which behaves like ISDN and UMTS during dialup.

A system with a PPPoE connection which has no ethernet cable attached, let's the pppd timeout waiting for a PADO. After the timeout pppd exits, but pppcall continues to wait:

0xb7d40bae in __open_nocancel () from /lib/tls/i686/
(gdb) where
#0 0xb7d40bae in __open_nocancel () from /lib/tls/i686/
0000001 0xb7ceb044 in _IO_new_file_fopen (fp=0x8e90908, filename=0x8ea5200 "/var/efw//uplinks//main//main.fifo", mode=Variable "mode" is not available.
) at fileops.c:233
0000002 0xb7ce33d2 in __fopen_internal (filename=0x8ea5200 "/var/efw//uplinks//main//main.fifo", mode=0xb7c5eed4 "r", is32=0) at iofopen.c:93
0000003 0xb7ce5471 in _IO_fopen64 (filename=0x8ea5200 "/var/efw//uplinks//main//main.fifo", mode=0xb7c5eed4 "r") at iofopen64.c:39

uplinksdaemon then kills away the dialup process after 5 minutes, but that's way to long to wait for a pppoE connection which retries 3 times having a timeout of 5 minutes every time.

This causes the backup uplink to come up after more than 15 minutes and that's not acceptable
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2008-11-14 18:31   
the problem is within pppd. pppd exits with exitcode 0 when rp-pppoe gets a timeout waiting for PADO
It should exit with an errorcode != 0, I think it should be 10

" 10 The PPP negotiation failed, that is, it didn’t reach the point
              where at least one network protocol (e.g. IP) was running.
2008-11-14 19:09   
status == EXIT_OK witin start_link() before calling connect()
if connect() fails, status is still EXIT_OK, because nobody (the plugins) sets a failure.
I think status must always be != EXIT_OK on start_link()
2008-11-17 19:34   
moved status = EXIT_NEGOTIATION_FAILED before something happens in start_link()
So if first steps go wrong, it exits with failure