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0000147: DHCP scope resets itself after changes are made - - MantisBT
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0000147Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2007-03-23 15:002008-02-02 07:28
0000147: DHCP scope resets itself after changes are made -
I have noticed that if under DHCP lease options you change the primary dns server to something other than the endian green interface ip, and you change the maximum and minimum lease times and you click save, all appears to be working, but as soon as you click on the "service" tab again and and re-look at the dhcp scope options you will notice that it changes back the primary dns server and the minimum and maximum lease times back to default.

I have checked /etc/dhcpd.conf and in fact when you click save the first time it does infact put the correct values in that file, but in the interface it shows them as being back to default. This could be potentially very confusing to a user
I have duplicated this error on 5 different installs, some are vmware installs and some are installs on native hardware.
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2007-03-23 15:35   
sorry this should not have been created under "documentation Category"
2008-01-11 14:46   
this bug has fixed in svn.

thank you for the report.