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0001475: URL blacklist in content filter - MantisBT
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0001475Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2008-11-20 11:132009-10-27 11:59
0001475: URL blacklist in content filter
Dear sirs,
two doubts about the subject:

1. the "Uncategorized" item is not "deselectable" (the red flag cannot be removed);
2. some items (for example "Games" or "Chat") are not selectable (if I click on it, the flag becomes red, but when I try to save the modification, the flag turns green again).

Are these behaviour correct?

In such a case, how can I forbid the access to web sites related to subjects as "ganes" or "chat"?

Thank you very much,
Best regards,
In attachment a "print screen" of the related EFW GUI page
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2008-11-20 11:24   
can you please check the bug 0001407 and tell me if you´re discriping the same issue?

Regards Simon
2008-11-20 11:33   
(edited on: 2008-11-20 11:36)
Yes, it could be the same issue: the additional strange behaviour, with respect with to bug 0001407, is that the item "uncategorized" is always "red flagged" and apparently is not possible to turn it to "green flag"...

2008-11-20 11:35   
ok, i will have a look at that behaviour
2009-02-18 12:51   
do you see any subcategories within uncategorized?
2009-02-18 14:46   
No, there are no categories under "uncategorized"(the section I'm speaking about is "URL Blacklist" and not "Content Filter").
2009-06-22 07:50   
uncategorized is now hidden when it has no subcategory