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0001504: Too many rules in interzone makes the ZONEFW chain empty - MantisBT
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0001504Endian FirewallFirewall (iptables)public2008-12-09 16:282010-03-04 15:48
0001504: Too many rules in interzone makes the ZONEFW chain empty
I have a very large interzone configuration. Everytime the config file gets much over 3k or 30 lines, rc.firewall fails to build a ZONEFW chain and firewall misbehaves.

I am using 2.2.1 release licensed.

I can reproduce at will with a lot of rules.
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related to 0002751closed peter-endian Too many rules in dnat/snat makes the chain empty 
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2008-12-09 20:10   
very interesting

could you please start with --debug
and post the output?

and then please the output of:
wc -l /etc/firewall/zonefw/iptableszonefw
2009-07-10 19:25   
tried with 5424 rules. script will be created, but not installed.
We should not pipe the resulting rules, but write it down to a temporary file and execute that.