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0001511: typo - MantisBT
MantisBT - Endian Firewall
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0001511Endian FirewallProxy SMTPpublic2008-12-14 16:162009-10-27 12:01
0001511: typo
in /etc/postfix/

mynetwork (without s) is set to local networks. Postfix will ignore
this, expecting mynetworkS to be set to local networks.

Fix ist easy, check can be done easily by executing postconf mynetworks.

mynetwork =,
#if $ORANGE_IPS != ''
#end if
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2008-12-15 13:42   
thank you for the advice. it's fixed now.
however it should not make any difference since postfix seems to be fault tolerant in this case.

postconf -d
lists the correct mynetworks configuration also using mynetwork as keyword within the config file.