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0001523: recipient blacklist/whitelist not used - MantisBT
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0001523Endian FirewallProxy SMTPpublic2008-12-20 18:102009-10-27 12:01
0001523: recipient blacklist/whitelist not used
The recipient_rules database gives you an opportunity to implement
simple address checking on incoming mail. E.g. you can add all your known
internal users to the whitelist, add your domains (without usernames) to the
blacklist. This scheme used to work in 2.1x iirc
This can help to reduce backscatter. Especially since verify does
not work very well against an Exchange server.

recipient_rules is still being built, it just needs to be added
back in

#if $reject_unknown_recipient_domain == '1'
#end if
     check_recipient_access btree:/etc/postfix/recipient_rules,
#if $greylisting_enabled == '1'
     check_policy_service inet:,
#end if
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2009-02-11 10:50   
this happend because of a merge bug:

needed to replace this lines
- check_client_access cidr:/etc/postfix/client_rules,
+ check_recipient_access cidr:/etc/postfix/recipient_rules,
2009-02-24 11:48   
+ check_recipient_access btree:/etc/postfix/recipient_rules,
+ check_recipient_access cidr:/etc/postfix/recipient_rules,