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0001537: p3scan cause pop-clients timeout if a virus/phishing is found - MantisBT
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0001537Endian FirewallApplication Level Proxiespublic2009-01-23 17:062009-10-27 12:01
0001537: p3scan cause pop-clients timeout if a virus/phishing is found
Proxy > POP3 > Virus scanner = enabled
p3scan has problems with mail clients when a mail is noticed by clamav as virus.

Mail client hangs up on infected email, time out error is displayed.
To stop the loop is needed to delete the mail via webmail.
By watching the log all seems to be ok.

Known issues with:
Outlook, Outlook Express, Merak mail server.
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2009-01-24 01:11   
(edited on: 2009-01-27 11:37)
There are extra "/n" inside the p3scan template email /etc/p3scan/en/p3scan.mail
by removing the "/n" at the beginning and at the and of the mail all should be ok
make sure to do not remove dot "." at the end of the file

One alternative is to copy the original template file:
cp /usr/share/templates/p3scan/en/p3scan.mail.orig.tmpl /etc/p3scan/en/p3scan.mail

WARNING this hack works until a firewall reboot