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0001542: DDNS for does not work - MantisBT
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0001542Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2009-02-01 21:432012-01-13 11:42
0001542: DDNS for does not work dynamic dns update does not work. It seems that the config file format for noip client no longer accepts the format endian is providing.

The config file endian uses is: /var/efw/ddns/noipsettings and uses the text file format of 10 key/value pairs. Apparently at some point noip changed it to a binary file format. When executing /usr/bin/noip it outputs:

'/var/efw/ddns/noipsettings' is not a valid configuration file. Ending!

The version into noip reports is: Linux-2.1.1
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2012-01-13 11:42   
I found how to fix this problem manually.

First of all change the line 100 in /usr/local/bin/
my @ddnscommand = ('/usr/bin/noip','-c',"${swroot}/ddns/noipsettings",'-i',"$ip");

my @ddnscommand = ('/usr/bin/noip','-i',"$ip");

Then via command line run the no-ip configuration wizard with and specify the red interface (it doesn't really matter) and provide your credentials.

root@efw:/var/efw/ddns # /usr/bin/noip -C

Auto configuration for Linux client of

Multiple network devices have been detected.

Please select the Internet interface from this list.

By typing the number associated with it.
0 eth3
1 br0
2 br1
3 br1
4 br1
5 ipsec0
6 tun0
Please enter the login/email string for your-login-name
Please enter the password for user 'your-login-name' ********

Only one host [] is registered to this account.
It will be used.
Please enter an update interval:[30]
Do you wish to run something at successful update?[N] (y/N) N

New configuration file '/usr/local/etc/no-ip2.conf' created.

In this way all the endian scripts wil be able to work normally.
You can immediately see if it works by running the "force update" button on the gui, your no-ip record should be updated right away.