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0001627: sarg does not handle dansguardian logs anymore - MantisBT
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0001627Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2009-02-27 02:072010-09-24 15:25
normalminorhave not tried
0001627: sarg does not handle dansguardian logs anymore
SARG doesn't include dansguardian denied logs.
It's not because of dansguardian reporting level. I've tried '3' (squid reporting) and it still doesn't work.
BTW, Changing this to '3' also break live view and content filter logs view.

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2010-09-21 11:25 uses the old deprecated flag-file system in order to understand if dansguardian is running or not

it should read our from proxy profiles if dansguardian should start.

the better solution is probably to patch sarg that it does only print a warning if dansguardian log file is not accessible.