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0001649: When accessing web interface on green over Ipsec VPN locks up Endian - MantisBT
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0001649Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2009-03-10 03:482010-11-22 11:49
Jim Beam 
0001649: When accessing web interface on green over Ipsec VPN locks up Endian
The scenario is the following: I have a site to site IPSEc VPN from a remote location using Endian Firewall to my location which is using VPN. Tunnel connects with no problem, and I added a rule in Endian to allow my subnet on the pfsense network to access green so that I can configure the firewall remotely. When I connect to green, the SSL certificate warning comes up and the moment I accept it, the entire firewall locks up. I can reproduce this every time.
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duplicate of 0001820closed peter-endian Remote web access through an ipsec vpn crash the firewall 
has duplicate 0001359closed  IPSEC 2.2 crashes system 
child of 0001935confirmed peter-endian issues to fix with ipsec (openswan) 
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