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0001690: When installed on mirror drives, two swap partitions are created - MantisBT
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0001690Endian FirewallInstallationpublic2009-03-19 04:232009-10-27 12:00
0001690: When installed on mirror drives, two swap partitions are created
I installed EFW 2.2rc3 on a system with 2G memory and two 20G drives. I let it mirror the drives but noticed it did not mirror the swap partitions as well. If one drive fails and Linux is using that drive for swap it can cause havok for Linux. The solution is to mirror the swap partitions as well as the rest.
On my machine, the install created two 4G swap partitions, quite a lot for a 3.06Ghz machine with 2G memory and mirrored 20G drives.
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2009-03-19 04:32   
I would also suggest this rule is followed for size.

2x RAM up to 2G, 1x RAM for 3-8G, and 1/2x over 8G