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0001713: Routing problem with two Internet Links - MantisBT
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0001713Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2009-03-30 14:382009-10-27 12:00
0001713: Routing problem with two Internet Links
I have 2 Internet links:
My EFW (2.2 rc3 ) has a DMZ and GREEN Networks.

What do i need ?

Hosts in DMZ go out through Link 1
Hosts in GREEN go out through Link 2

In my EFW, all hosts is going through Link 1 ( main link )

i tried a static route ( Web GUI ), like:
Source: - Destination: ( or - Gateway: Link 2
But doesn´t work. Also it doesn´t appears in route table

I think that´s a routing problem. Because in the route table the MAIN LINK always is the default route.

Tanks for some help !

P.S. Sorry my poor english
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2009-04-09 13:26   
The HTTP Proxy is the problem.
When i turn off the proxy, the routing works fine !!!
If i turn on HTTP Proxy, the default route always will be the MAIN Link.
That´s a BUG, right ?

Thanks to Johnny-M ( in forum ).

2009-04-09 14:39   
no, it's simply functionality which did not made it in the community version, but it's implemented in policy routing in enterprise version.

traffic through transparent application level proxies starts from the local machine. So, the source ip is not your client's ip anymore, but the exiting ip of your firewall.
2009-06-10 12:47   
will be included in 2.3