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0001716: Auto blocking IP based on SNORT logs - MantisBT
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0001716Endian FirewallFirewall (iptables)public2009-03-30 19:402010-07-17 12:19
0001716: Auto blocking IP based on SNORT logs
An optional module which
1/monitors the SNORT log,
and can take action when it detects certain violations (like a portscan, or a very critical alert/attack is happening)
by automatically blocking (thus adapting the firewall rules) the abusive IP address or even complete CDIR block

2/Add to that the ability (an extra option) to easily enter a list of CIDR to be blocked proactively (in an easier way then creating firewall rules for every few CDIR blocks)

the 2nd option comes from the need by a lot of people to be able to quickly block e.g. the China, Korean, Nigerian CDIR blocks from a source like this ( [^])

it would be great added feature making EFW an even stronger firewall

I would appreciate the feedback on how this feature request will be received/considered


IPCOP used to have such module, called GUARDIAN (not dansguardian) which worked very well for item 1/ above
and I also used it for item 2/
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2010-01-16 10:34   
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more info regarding the requested blocklists:

- I'm talking about a blocklist against incoming attack/abuse/spy attempts

- it would be even nicer, if there would be an option, to integrate with [^] where we would be able to enterthe URL's of the lists we want to use, and with a button for each list wheter we want to blacklist (block) or whitelist them

at this moment, I'm using some of these lists, but then I get a huge long page with firewall rules

2010-07-17 12:19   
anyone else any feedback?