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0001816: proxy.pac file is reachable even if http proxy is not active - MantisBT
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0001816Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2009-04-23 16:372010-11-22 11:51
0001816: proxy.pac file is reachable even if http proxy is not active
The proxy auto configuration file (proxy.pac) is downloadable always even if the http proxy is not working.

This may provide an erroneous proxy configuration to a browser which has the auto detection function active.

This issue may prevent clients to correctly access to internet.

The file should be available only when the proxy is active.
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2009-06-01 15:00   
The problem happens on blue with hotspot activated as well.
This may lead configuration problems or connection slowdown.

It happens always before and after login.
2009-06-04 16:01   
Can you please try to download the proxy.pac file when the proxy is disabled?

In that case the proxy.pac file should configure the browser automatically in order to go directly!
I think that's the correct way, rather than making the file inaccessible.
2009-06-08 14:33   
i agree with peter. if proxy.pac orders to go directly it is the right behaviour.
2009-06-08 15:06   
ok.. my fault
I've re-checked you are right, the file is always downloadable but tells to go direct and that's right :)

I believed to the customer that told that he had problems, I didn't control the content of the file.
2009-06-24 08:38   
I changed my mind.

I've discovered a pc which has problem with proxy autoconfiguration in our office.

efw: Mercury without proxy http
Pc: Windows XP
Internet explorer 7 with proxy auto: works fine
Firefox 3 with proxy auto: doesn't work
Firefox 3 without proxy auto: works fine

I renamed the proxy.pac to make it unreachable then
Firefox 3 with proxy auto: started working

This discover let me think that users, who complained about this problem, are right, and probably somewhere there is a problem.

I don't know if there is a typo in the proxy.pac, but probably in order to avoid any possible mistake I would go for proxy.pac unreachable with proxy disabled.

You never know, maybe in certain condition the proxy.pac is wrong.
That's just my suggestion..

Here is the proxy.pac content:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
        if (isPlainHostName(host) ||
                shExpMatch( url, "**" ) )
                return "DIRECT";
        else if (host == "")
                return "DIRECT";
        else if (isInNet(host, "", ""))
                return "DIRECT";

            return "PROXY; DIRECT;";

2009-06-29 14:21   
for a disabled proxy, this proxy.pac output is wrong!

it must be *always* DIRECT. that should work with every browser, otherwise the browser is not proxy.pac capable and should not even try to download that file.
2009-06-30 13:40   
Mhh the above output is what I have..

At first sight I don't see any line in the proxy.pac script for the PROXY=off case but maybe I'm wrong.
2009-06-30 14:00   
   return "PROXY; DIRECT;";
the clients first tries to connect using the proxy (which is turned off)
if that fails he goes direct

shouldn't it just be this?

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
   return "DIRECT";
2009-06-30 14:13   
I agree,
something at the beginning like:

if PROXY=off

So we are sure that nothing can spoil that file.. just a suggestion
2009-06-30 15:09   
in the case of "proxy=off" the proxy.pac should only contain
   return "DIRECT";

the if-clause (PROXY=off) is not needed
(and will consume client-time for searching & calculating as it will not find the proxy)
2009-06-30 15:16   
ack - file should exist

in case somebody is pushing rules over Group Policies ("use the following proxy for IE") admins won't have any issues in Windows-Domains when proxy.pac is not existing
2009-06-30 15:18   
The if clause was intended to be placed on the perl script which returns the proxy.pac
2009-06-30 15:21   
tnx for the hint
2010-09-21 20:16   
it is DIRECT now when proxy is disabled