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0001923: logrotate/syslog changes - meta ticket - MantisBT
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0001923Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2009-06-09 17:052009-10-27 11:58
0001923: logrotate/syslog changes - meta ticket
ticket groups all log related tickets together, which should be fixed in 2.3
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parent of 0001273closed peter-endian Endian Firewall logrotate doesn't rotate startup.log 
parent of 0001931closed peter-endian Endian Firewall make sure snort does not write down to much, and when rotate the logs 
parent of 0001932closed peter-endian Endian Firewall make sure samba does not write down to much, and when rotate the logs 
child of 0001983closed peter-endian Endian Firewall make sure sophos rotate the logs 
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