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0001927: Reports to be checked - collecting ticket - MantisBT
MantisBT - Endian Firewall
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0001927Endian FirewallUncategorizedpublic2009-06-09 18:452010-09-21 18:26
0001927: Reports to be checked - collecting ticket
Here we collect bug reports, which we can't handle immediately, because:

- Issue *may be* already fixed in the latest version, but it has not be tried
  to reproduce on the newer versions. Needs confirmation that the issue still
  exists, otherwise ticket will be closed after a while.

- Issue is not of interest anymore, due to hardware changes, feature
  changes/enhancements, ... Ticket will be closed after a while, if there is
  no response.

- Issue description is to vague or not present at all. Needs more feedback.

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