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0001935: issues to fix with ipsec (openswan) - MantisBT
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0001935Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2009-06-10 13:062010-09-21 18:46
0001935: issues to fix with ipsec (openswan)
this ticket collects issues which need to be fixed in order to have a good working ipsec
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parent of 0001936closed peter-endian Endian Firewall openswan needs to be upgraded, which needs a kernel upgrade 
parent of 0001320closed peter-endian Endian Firewall when creating ipsec vpn's, pluto crashs restarts ..... 
parent of 0000214closed peter-endian Endian Firewall Endian Firewall Community 2.1.1 IPSEC downt Start 
parent of 0001497closed  Endian Firewall selectable Uplink for VPN 
parent of 0001359closed  Endian Firewall IPSEC 2.2 crashes system 
parent of 0001900closed  Endian Firewall GUI in ipsec always defaults the dns name provided by the ISP 
parent of 0001529closed peter-endian Endian Firewall IPSEC Crashes whole Machine 
parent of 0001649closed peter-endian Endian Firewall When accessing web interface on green over Ipsec VPN locks up Endian 
parent of 0001820closed peter-endian Endian Firewall Remote web access through an ipsec vpn crash the firewall 
parent of 0001424closed peter-endian Endian Firewall IPsec VPN, Local VPN hostname/IP parameter added in ipsec.conf is random 
parent of 0000928assigned peter-endian Endian Firewall firewalls: add possibility to select the different ipsec interfaces, not only ipsec in general 
parent of 0000593confirmed peter-endian Endian Firewall IPSEC VPN: Changes on IPSEC Profiles should not trigger a restart on all open tunnels 
parent of 0000551closed peter-endian Endian Firewall IPSEC local VPN hostname showed incorrectly. 
parent of 0002741closed  Endian Firewall IPSEC - multiple tunnels 
parent of 0003119assigned peter-endian Endian Firewall IPSEC VPN block the system when IPS is enabled 
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(edited on: 2010-09-03 12:31)
next major upgrade (2010/Q3) will contain a major kernel upgrade and an openswan upgrade, which solves most of these problems.

rest of the children of this ticket will also be addressed.