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0001937: issues to fix with ddns - MantisBT
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0001937Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2009-06-10 13:502011-02-02 11:24
0001937: issues to fix with ddns
this ticket collects issues which need to be fixed in order to have a good working ddns
parent of 0000217closed peter-endian nsupdate option in DDNS service does not work 
parent of 0000007closed  Dynamic DNS: Does Not Update 
parent of 0000979confirmed peter-endian DynDNS: need to be defined per uplink 
parent of 0001063confirmed peter-endian need to advertise the ip change on each uplink 
parent of 0001062assigned max-endian DynDNS: need to be defined per uplink (make GUI changes) 
parent of 0000539closed  DynDNS-Update works only manually 
parent of 0001938confirmed  dyndns needs rewrite from scratch 
parent of 0001465closed Anonymous DDNS for Afraid does not appear to work 
parent of 0002811feedback test DNS Dynamic with zoneedit isnĀ“t work for empty Host Name 
parent of 0001542acknowledged  DDNS for does not work 
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