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0001941: Wrong translation for DE in "SMTP proxy"-konfig - MantisBT
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0001941Endian FirewallGUIpublic2009-06-10 22:292021-01-21 23:13
normaltexthave not tried
0001941: Wrong translation for DE in "SMTP proxy"-konfig
text was mixed during translation
launchpad - DE 891
Reject the request when the SMTP proxy is not final destination for the sender address, and the MAIL FROM address has no DNS A or MX record, or when it has a malformed MX record such as a record with a zero-length MX hostname.

was translated to
Weist die ankommende E-Mail ab, wenn die Domain der Empfänger Adresse (Mail From) keinen DNS A oder MX Record oder einen ungültigen MX Record, wie z.B einen leeren MX Hostnamen hat. Die Domain ist somit unbekannt.

sender (en) -> Sender (DE)
recipient (en) -> Empfänger (DE)

Located in firewall/efw-smtpscan/src/cgi-bin/smtpadv.cgi:424 - sender
Located in firewall/efw-smtpscan/src/cgi-bin/smtpadv.cgi:426 - recipient
same for launchpad - DE 893
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duplicate of 0000001feedback peter-endian Creating a backup results into a blank "Backup Sets" list 
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i have updated DE-versions on
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