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0001944: use a random time for hourly updates - MantisBT
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0001944Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2009-06-12 16:112009-10-27 11:59
0001944: use a random time for hourly updates
clamav-updates are scheduled to run
   hourly at nn:01

all endian-boxes around the world update at the same time putting a high load on the clamav-servers - 24x a day - 7 days a week :-)

putting a random minute to crontab will change the "peak-load" to be flattended

first number (minutes) in fcrontab to be in 00-59 range

01 * * * * [ -x /bin/run-parts ] && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly

gui and translations will need an update on implementation
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