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0001956: main.cgi, interfaceeditor: restart button - MantisBT
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0001956Endian FirewallGUIpublic2009-06-19 11:252010-03-03 15:11
0001956: main.cgi, interfaceeditor: restart button
It would be nice to have a button for restarting an uplink. That button actually should only stop the uplink, the uplinksdaemon will start it automatically if the uplink is managed, otherwise it needs also to be started.

If an uplink is not working in a manner that the uplinksdaemon has no possibility to understand that it is not working, users tend to try to restart it.
Since there is no possibility to restart an uplink, they make the uplink unmanaged, and stop/start it, which actually changes the default gateway to that uplink!.
This is not what the user wants.

Correct usage would be to make the uplink unmanaged, stop it and make the uplink back managed, but that's to complicated.
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related to 0001953confirmed peter-endian dashboard should display which uplink currently has the default route 
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2009-06-19 11:29   
i think we need to reorganize uplinks display on main.cgi. There is to few space left and much information could also be displayed in a mouseover and/or using status icons
2009-06-19 15:33   
(edited on: 2009-06-26 16:28)
I've some ideas/suggestions:

1) Tidy table which summarize the uplink status and make possible to do actions.
You can view more information by exploding the uplink view which open a second line under the summarized one.

2) Two table lines for each uplink with more information always displayed

3) Mouse over information (i prefer to have all the information displayed)

Essential information:
- uplink name
- uplink type
- interface ip
- uplink status
- uptime

Interesting information:
- gateway
- netmask
- main external ip*
- network interface
- link speed

- perform network test**
- managed
 - manage/unmanage
 - restart
- manual
 - disable/enable
 - restart
 - default route (with a radio button)

* detectip should be improved (future) in order to select which uplink must be used, I've seen that curl has the --interface option which works we can use it.
(pycurl could be used for this aim)

** connection test (future)
A script which performs and reports the following tests:
- cable status
- ping to gateway
- dns resolving
- ping to google

2009-08-23 13:36   
suggestions all sound good