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0000196: HTTPS bypasses content filter domain block list - MantisBT
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0000196Endian FirewallApplication Level Proxiespublic2007-06-23 13:262008-02-02 07:28
0000196: HTTPS bypasses content filter domain block list
I'm trying to block access to web proxies setup by Unfortunately, users can use https:// to bypass the content filter entirely. If a domain name / ip address is in the blocklist and is transmitted over the network in cleartext, why is it still bypassing the content filter?

The only solution I've found is to disallow port 443 on the "Allow SSL Ports" under the proxy configuration; however, that has a number other more-annoying side effects. Any idea why?
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2007-10-27 21:15   
Should not be anymore a problem within version 2.2
Could you please try and report back?