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0002036: RBL file lets datasourcecrash - MantisBT
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0002036Endian FirewallProxy SMTPpublic2009-07-24 16:032010-01-21 18:12
0002036: RBL file lets datasourcecrash
datasource can not handle /var/efw/smtpscan/default/RBL, which leads to
not working services (services which read the whole datasource)

quickfix -> empty RBL file
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related to 0002064closed simon-endian It is not possible to add a QOS device / 500 Internal error - due to a DataSource issue 
related to 0002034assigned peter-endian datasource does not read default settings when there are no user settings 
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2009-07-28 17:09   
the datasource is not finished yet. Can't handle upper case files due to missing node proxy which understands where to read out.

Simply don't access those files. Do not print out the whole datasource!
Then it should not be a problem right now.
2009-07-30 18:20   
this was a problem when using because the Service class reads out the whole data source when creating the templates
2009-07-31 12:47   
datasource never reads out all values. it is lazy. actually when a subtree will be accessed, at that time it will be read out from the filesystem.

only possibility to read out the whole tree is to print out the datasource instance.
do not do that and there should be no problems