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0000205: Community ISO - Installer reports "Segmentation fault" - MantisBT
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0000205Endian FirewallHardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)public2007-06-29 18:522007-10-27 18:51
0000205: Community ISO - Installer reports "Segmentation fault"
Starting the installer from the Community-Iso leads to a blue screen, with the report "Segmentation fault" on the upper left corner. Then the screen switches to suspend, powers on again and the message appears again. This continues until one resets the computer.

I tested the ISO on a virtual machine on an other station and it works fine.
So maybe the reason is the new hardware of the PC:
CPU: Core 2 Duo E6600
Mainboard: ASUS P5B PLUS (Intel P965)
RAM: 2x 2048 Kingston VALUE
Graphic: MSI RX1050 (TD128E) (Radeon x1050)
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2007-06-29 22:55   
(edited on: 2007-07-02 10:40)
OK, i played around a bit with it...

My 1st thought was, that this might be a problem with the 4GB of RAM, so i removed one 2-GB-Clip from the board, but problem persists.
I tried to enter TTY2 while the error message, by pressing ALT+F2 and it worked. The shell hangs on

Running command: /bin/
Scanning source media

Does this mean there is an error loading/detecting the IDE-controller/DVD-Rom?

 i am quite sure now, that it is the jmicron ide-controller of the ASUS P5B PLUS Mainboard, that causes this error. At the moment i am trying to build an usb-stick installation, which will show, if it is really the controller.
May I ask one of the developers do show me the /bin/ script of the installer, so i can exactly see, where it hangs.


2007-09-07 16:21   
Did you try efw 2.1.2? it has a newer kernel, could solve the problem...

You could also just switch to the console by pressing ALT+F3 and use vi to edit/debug the /bin/ script.
2007-10-27 18:51   
Problem has been fixed within 2.1.2