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0002064: It is not possible to add a QOS device / 500 Internal error - due to a DataSource issue - MantisBT
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0002064Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2009-08-05 16:012010-11-22 12:06
0002064: It is not possible to add a QOS device / 500 Internal error - due to a DataSource issue
Seems like a problem with FormEncode's locale files...

/var/log/emi reports this:
Could not load language settings: [Errno 2] No translation file found for domain: 'FormEncode'
has duplicate 0002387closed  After creating QoS devices and going back to the link I get a 500 error 
related to 0002036assigned peter-endian RBL file lets datasourcecrash 
related to 0002034assigned peter-endian datasource does not read default settings when there are no user settings 
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2009-08-26 21:39   
FormEncode does indeed not provide an English translation. However, that is not a problem since the exception is caught and the string itself is returned.

Something else must be the real problem.
2009-09-03 13:51   
works also for me. maybe this happens only due to a strange problem on your machine?
2009-09-06 08:45   
Original title was: It is not possible to add a QOS device / 500 Internal error

The problem arises when an OpenVPN client connection (or an uplink - have not tried that, but should be the same problem) is created with capital letters in its name because each connection is stored in a directory with that name.

In the getVPNs function uses the DataSource to read the configuration which in turn accesses every key by using lower(). As for now we do not map filenames though.

Possible solutions:
1. Fix DataSource
2. Make sure these directories are always created lowercase (Would require a migration script as well as fixes in efw-network and efw-vpnclient).
2009-09-07 16:59   
solution 1 is the better one - we know that, don't we? :)
2010-02-23 15:11   
(edited on: 2010-02-23 15:12)
We'll have to go with solution 2 for now:

Keep in mind that affected VPN connections must be closed before migrating and then restarted!

Make sure to not only rename the directory but change the name in the settings file as well.

2010-02-26 14:16   
implemented solution2 -> folder and name key are renamed and condstop before / start after is triggered for the effected vpnclient connections

from now on name of new profiles will be lowercased