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0002178: 2.3RC1: Quality of Service - Rules: Can not add a GRE or ESP service rule - MantisBT
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0002178Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2009-09-21 10:202009-10-27 11:58
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0002178: 2.3RC1: Quality of Service - Rules: Can not add a GRE or ESP service rule
If i try to add a ESP or GRE rule for <any>/<all> services, i allways get a "some error" message. The System does not understand the empty destination or a notation like 0:65535 (which is added automaticaly). If i add a userdefined port with ESP or GRE, the error comes up again.

In generall it would realy be good to be able to add a port-range in the 0:65535 syntax (or something similar). Some protocols like Bit-Torrent use many ports (dest. 6881 - 6999 and more), typing in over 110 lines is not great fun.
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related to 0002240closed simon-endian 2.3RC1: EMI/Quality of Service should not use int for portvaildation but a port validator and add 
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2009-09-29 09:57   
- destination port should not be required when protocol is not tcp or udp
- sport/dport schema definition need to be something like Multiline(PortRange), Int is to restrictive.
2009-09-29 15:51   
- port is not required
- fixed problem with gre and esp