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0002180: 3RC1 HTTP proxy: Contentfilter-Blacklist: Missing exceptions list - MantisBT
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0002180Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2009-09-21 10:402009-10-27 11:58
0002180: 3RC1 HTTP proxy: Contentfilter-Blacklist: Missing exceptions list
If i use a contentfilter with a blacklistet theme, i cant find a way to specify a exception list to have some "bad" sites, to be displayed. May be it is my fault, but i searched a lot.
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has duplicate 0002192closed simon-endian missed individual black and whitelists 
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2009-09-21 10:45   
a way to do this with rc1, would be to add an allow rule with destination domain to the access policy rules to whitelist those domains
2009-09-21 23:50   
man thanks - needed some thoughts - now it runs great for me
2009-09-29 14:53   
we will re-add that per profile
2009-10-06 08:12   
now it is possible again to define custom black and whitelists for contentfilter profiles