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0002182: The webgui hangs on proxy apply setting - MantisBT
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0002182Endian FirewallGUIpublic2009-09-21 14:332009-10-27 11:58
0002182: The webgui hangs on proxy apply setting
The proxy page hangs after making any changes
Whenever I make any changes on the proxy setting page the page hangs and doesnt come back with the message "changes applied successfully". Although the proxy service and internet keeps running fine. I have triedrestarting the httpd and squid service however the webinterface doesnt respond. This was not an issue with release 2.2. Also in 2.3 rc1 most of the buttons have to be re clicked to get them worked.
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2009-09-21 23:54   
i have the same - but - after a minute or so - i only have to go to the address line (this one: https://myendian:10443 [^]) and press ENTER - then it reloads and everzhing is ok.
2009-09-22 04:42   
gr8, I will try that and update on this issue.
2009-09-28 10:15   
can you please check if this is caused by a browser timeout, because the restart of the proxy takes long.

how long did you wait for the page to come back and was the browser still loading?
2009-10-01 08:31   
It takes around an hour or 2.
2009-10-01 08:41   
Does this happens always?
Can you look at the logs to see if something goes wrong?


If you run this command " --force --debug" do you see errors?
2009-10-06 15:36   
need to add status notification like with snort, to let the user now something is going on in the background
2009-10-07 10:56   
- added notifications to squid, dansguardian, havp and sarg restartscripts
- added notification messages to http proxy, http contentfilter and http antivirus gui