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0002184: I can't find "Blocked MIME types" - MantisBT
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0002184Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2009-09-22 12:142009-09-28 09:58
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0002184: I can't find "Blocked MIME types"
In efw 2.2 there was:
- HTTP -> Default policy -> Block MIME types.
- HTTP -> Content filter -> Custom black and whitelists

Where are those in 2.3rc1?
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related to 0002180closed simon-endian 3RC1 HTTP proxy: Contentfilter-Blacklist: Missing exceptions list 
related to 0001927confirmed  Reports to be checked - collecting ticket 
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2009-09-22 12:25   
- for white- and blacklisting domains look at 0002180
- mimetype blocking is now also done on a per rule basis. just create a deny rule and add the mimetypes to block into the mimetype textarea
2009-09-24 13:57   
Thanks. That was it.
2009-09-24 17:13   
I just want to mention that a domain must be preceded by . (point) in a access denied rule.
ex. --> will pass --> will not pass

... on my efw.